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The articles provided in the Experiments section fall into one of four categories: Background Knowledge, How To, Current Projects, and Simulation Applets. Background Knowledge articles provide an overview to some of the information needed to understand the happenings of some of the scientific topics covered, while 'How To' details techniques and demonstrations of these topics and provides instruction to recreate them yourself. The Current Projects section focuses on topics that are being worked on by members of this site. The Simulation Applet page contains Java Applets which calculate and simulate various real-life situations along with providing additional mathematical and physical analysis.

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Disclaimer, The owner of this site and Amazing Rust Chemical Supply cannot be held responsible for anything you may do with any of our products or information presented. You alone are accountable for your actions. Always keep safety in mind when doing any type of experimentation and take the proper precautions to avoid injury to oneself and others.
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